Jim West

Jim is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Travel Alliance, Inc., parent company of Travel West.com, and owner of dozens of other niche travel companies. Jim’s background includes working onboard cruise ships as a professional cruise director for ten years, sailing on over 1456 cruises (and still counting), author of four best-selling travel books, star and cruise expert featured on the Travel Channel’s television show “Cruise Ships FAQ,” and has personally explored over 87 countries around the world as a tour escort. He is without question, one of the most enthusiastic cruise and travel experts around today. Jim and his books have been endorsed by such notables as Sir Edmund Hillary, BBC radio, RTE television Ireland, WGN radio Chicago, numerous celebrities and Jim has been featured in dozens of international magazines, newspapers and publications around the world. For more information, go to Google and type in “Jim West Cruise Expert,” and you can learn more. Email Jim at Jim@TravelWest.com